Currently I am working on two closely related art projects, a large series of paintings and a full length feature film. 

The former Chairman of the Toronto International Film Festival said, “Terry, this is not an art film, this is film as art. You’re creating a whole new genre”. 

A number of people have come from six continents to my studio theatre to view a few work-in-progress scenes from the film. Here are some excerpts from their unsolicited comments and mail:

​”I feel better coming out of this viewing than any other film. A sense of peace, because I had been given to rather than taken from.” 

“I felt more alive in that moment than I had in a long time. When the lights went up I had no words.”

“I feel like a different person. I can’t really seem to express what it is I feel except that I know there’s a change. It will take me a few days to put it into words – the emotion is so overwhelming. It’s like I haven’t really seen everything around me until today, and I’m saddened by the loss of all the years I’ve wasted, and yet relieved I realized what I’ve been missing all these years just in the nick of time. You know this is monumental.”

“All my stress went away, I’ll remember these scenes from the film for the rest of my life”

“All those things that are ineffable, impossible to say with words, are expressed in such a way that your body, mind and soul are connected. After the film I felt such a stillness and calm that I didn’t want to speak or move. Not sure I can even express in words how it made me feel but I know it will be enjoyed by many.”

“It disturbed my mind enough to touch my soul.”​


“Curiosity  is  insubordination
in  its  purest  form.”​

​​Vladimir  ​Nabokov


I was a deplorable student. Teachers said I daydreamed. I always stood first in art, but last in French. The slender marks I did get were probably for attendance; my teacher had an outstanding figure. From her classroom window one bleak autumn day I watched a rabbit eventually outrun a fox. I got scolded, in French. I believe that seeing beauty is not a luxury. And lingering is not a waste of time, have you ever made love? I thought the French were supposed to know these things.

A painting of mine was stolen from a national exhibition when I was in grade eight. What a great encouragement.
My story to date: a sense of wonder.​

Terry Black. In the studio.

P R I C I N G    &    S A L E S:

From the very beginning, pricing has been set by two senior Bay Street investors and art collectors, one of whom is a former Chairman of the Toronto Stock Exchange.
— Paintings are sold directly, not through galleries.
— For three decades every painting has sold.
— Paintings are owned by collectors on four continents.
Standing in front of a painting is an experience, but sitting in front of a computer screen isn’t.

S E E    F O R    Y O U R S E L F

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Essay by Laurel Gasque, Art historian, Washington
Published (1995) in the book,
TERRY BLACK Fiery Vision Bright ​(ISBN 1-57383-0-44-5)